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Practically Shooting
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New Ruger .22 Auto Pistol

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Along with a new bolt action rifle, they have a new .22 semiauto pistol too.

Looks like a Walther P22 and Taurus 24/7 collided.



Polymer frame,

DA ("Light Double Action"),

Exposed round hammer,


10-rd capacity,

Rail for the .22 light/laser/bayonet

MSRP $399

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I thought they would introduce the SR45 first, but this makes sense as a practice rimfire pistol for the SR9 and SR40. Not exactly the same grip as the SR9 and SR40, but very similar. I would imagine the fact that S&W has the M&P 22 influenced Ruger's decision to bring out the SR22.


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I was ho-hum over this at first, but am getting more interested.

I have long wanted an mid-size .22 auto pistol. Something smaller than a Ruger MKI/II/II or High Standard, and bigger and easier to shoot than a pocket gun. The Beretta 87, which is a .22 version of the model 85 .380, is about perfect but is somewhat scarce, expensive, and holds just 8 rds. I'd rather it have a SA trigger too.

This new Ruger SR22 might be close to the size I had in mind, although it looks a little big.

I am curious about the safety/decocker. Hopefully, it will work like some HK USP variants and allow a cocked and locked carry option.

BTW, The reason I want a mid-size .22 auto pistol is because I think it might be nice at times to add a .22 pistol for a walk in the woods. Add to, not replace, the "real" gun.

I have two small .22 revolvers (Ruger Bearcat and S&W 63) that are great for this. I can add them to my belt in crossdraw fashion, never notice they are there, and have them if I feel like shooting at a dirt clod or discolored piece of bark.

But I'd rather have a medium size auto.

The closest we have now are Walther P22s and Sig Mosquitos. they are OK, but a bit wide for what I want and a little big overall. I have a feeling this Ruger will be no smaller, but I can hope.

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