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Practically Shooting
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Should I adjust my sight to the left....

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I think it's sight picture, and probably your trigger finger position and movement.

You have an oval group. While the group center is off to the right, it is oval vertically, which I'm thinking is a mix of a couple of things.

Hitting to 3:00 usually means the trigger is not being pressed exactly perfectly straight to the rear, and it's getting a rear/right pull. When the shot breaks, the trigger keeps moving (and so does the gun muzzle) in the direction it was going before the shot.

The vertical spread, if it is evenly high and low as it looks here, is usually from sight alignment error. If the front sight is not your complete absolute focus, stop and start the shot over.

If I learned nothing else from my brief period shooting handgun silhouette, it was the importance of focusing on the front sight. Vertical shot errors killed you in that game, and any time, ANY time, my front sight started to "fuzz" as the shot broke, it was a miss: Sometimes high, sometimes low.

That said, I suppose it's possible the high shots were one error (unlocked wrist) and the low shots another error (squeezing entire hand with the fingers) but it looks so even that I doubt it. Besides, squeezing the grip with all fingers usually sends them low and left and that's not what's happening here.

BTW, almost everyone squeezes the entire grip along with pressing the trigger, and it's hard to stop, so you are lucky in that regard.

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