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Ultimate Cliploader Review

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"McFadden Ultimate Cliploader 22 Caliber Pistol Magazine Loader Polymer Clear"

For the following pistols:
# Ruger Mark II, III & Hunter
# Ruger 22/45
# Colt Woodsmen Mag.
# Old Military High Standard
# Newer High Standard
# Browning Buckmark Pistols
# Stoeger Luger

I bought this as a "luxury" item. After using it on 8 clips, I say "wow - pretty sweet!" When it first arrived (Midway $23) I had my doubts - and sure as heck rounds went vertical in the mag, it would only load 9 and not the 10th, etc. So, I read the tips at the lower half of the instruction sheet. So I:

a) Wiped it out and sprayed with Amsoil silicone spray (they give you a warning that some lubes will damage the Lexan)

B) Only hold it at around 30-40° from horizontal, not 90°.

c) Back out the adjustment screw so it pushes clip button further.

And with just a little practice - WHAMMO loads .22LR mags like sleepwalking. Recommended.

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