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7x57 ammo

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I've got an old Spanish '93 Mauser that I've only shot a few times. Ammo is extremely hard to find for it around here and the few places that do have it want like $40 a box.

Anyone know where I can get decent, inexpensive, non-corrosive 7x57 ammo?

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Unless something has changed radically in recent years, you're pretty well stuck with American factory ammo, G-Man, although I'd certainly take a look at Privi Partizan and see if they make it in pressures suitable for your rifle. They just may. The 7x57 Mausers were the first to be released for sale to the public back in the 50's, coming mostly from Mexico and South America, and the good military ammo has been gone for quite a number of years. I started hand loading it in 1978.

In a '93 I'd pretty well stick with the pressures of the original service load, which was around a 173 grain bullet at a velocity of about 2375 fps or so. The Remington and Winchester factory loads using the 175 grain bullet at roughly the same velocities approximate those pressures and are usually safe to shoot in a '93 if it's in good condition. They also make a 140 grain load for it, but your gun has the long chamber throat for the 173 grain bullet and the 1:8.75" rate of twist for it, so I think 140 grain accuracy would be minute of supper table in your '93.

If it was me, I'd go looking for the best deal I could find on domestic loads in the correct pressure range, and I'd start with Remington loaded with Core-Lokt bullets, or Winchester with Power Point bullets, or Federal with whatever their common non-premium bullet is. I would also buy Privi in the correct pressure range if they make it. But stay away from any European ammo such as Norma or DWM, or any Domestic premium ammo......all of which are normally loaded too hot for your rifle. $40 a box is ridiculous for domestic 175 grain ammo as I've described above.

Long answer to a short question. Sorry. I do that.

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