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Rumor: Colt DA Revolvers Are...

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According to the tale:

They are starting with the Cobra model.  It's not the same as the old Cobra, which was basically an aluminum alloy-framed Detective Special.  This new one is all-steel.  The basics are the same: 6-shot, .38 Spl, double action, snubby.   


They state it has a different grip frame design.  Some lines and contours do vary slightly from the old ones, but the gun is easily identified as a Colt.  


It looks to be plenty hefty.   I'm guessing it's at least as big as the old ones if not bigger.  

I'm not sure how practical a snubby of that size chambered "only" in .38 will be, and I expect the price will be "a lot".    

I doubt that will hurt it much.


I feel confident in guessing demand will be high.   OK...That may win me a Mr Obvious award.    And speaking of awards, I expect it will get Colt a bunch of "Golden Bullseye" type awards just for answering demand.    







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