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Leverevolution powder in a 308

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Hey guys

  So I picked up a savage model 10 308 HB. I love this rifle. Anyway has anyone given leverevolution powder in a 308. I'm working up a load with it now. Found a node just over 42 grains. Plan on chrono'ing the load next time I head out to our range to see if velocity is acceptable since there isn't any factory load data available for this powder in a 308. 

  Case still has room for a few more grains of powder too. When establishing max I worked up to 48 grains and there were no pressure signs nor bolt stiffness upon lifting. 

   Anyway I'm just wondering if anyone's used it before in a 308. It works stellar in my 30-30. Gun actually prints moa,well just over,using it and 2350ft/s with 160 grain hornady projectiles,the same ones used in the leverevolution factory ammo. 


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I have not looked at Hodgdon Powder for a while and did not know they had this new powder out. For 308 Win I've only used: Win 748,  IMR 4064 and H4895. If it could be used for reloading 308 Win, Hodgdon would have listed it. You are in uncharted territory. 

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