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New Scope With Interchangeable Adjustment Graduations

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Hawke has introduced a scope that lets you choose between adjustments of 1/4 MOA, 1/8 MOA, or 1/10 MILs.     You do this by swapping adjustment turrets. 
It's designed as an airgun scope, and a BIG 10-50X one, but I don't see why it won't soon be on their others. 

This may only generate a yawn from most people, but it could be a big deal to others.  Tactical long range shooters like MILs because it matches up with common MIL-Dot reticles.   If you measure the drop as 2.3 MILs, you crank in 2.3 MILs...if you have MIL adjustments.   If you have MOA adjustments like so many did until recently, you are doing math.  I've done that and it sucks.  

Let's see...2.3 MILs multiplied by 3.64 is about...hold on...3.6 twice is 7.2...add in a little more and call it...say...7.5 MOA.   Wait.  That's probably a little low.  Where's my calculator?  

Then you shoot a NRA match where the ranges and target sizes compute directly to MOA.  If you have an MOA scope, you've got it made, although you might want finer adjustments if going way out there.  Those with MIL adjustments are in the same boat as those with MIL-Dot reticles with MOA adjustments in the field where they have to MIL for range and drop.  


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This is a great option to offer. I bet a lot of other scope manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon and offer their own version of the turrets. It has been a while since I have looked at what the scope manufacturers have been putting out. It's amazing how many different reticle options are being made available and most of them are so complicated. I looked at a Nightforce Reticle and it had (16) different subtension measurements. Then there is the Horus,MOAR, etc. reticles. Maybe I'm showing my age but I think a lot of today's reticles for long range shooting are to "busy". 

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