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Birchwood Casey Shell Catcher on Remington V3

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I tried this Birchwood Casey shell catcher on my Remington V3, thinking it may be a temporary solution until I'm able to get one of these when he makes them for the V3.  The V3 ejects the hulls with so much velocity, that the Birchwood Casey didn't come close to stopping them.  The hulls still were ejected about 15' from my position.  I tried bending the catcher so that it would be more aggressive, but it didn't matter.  I'm going to try a rubber band next.



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On 5/16/2016 at 0:54 PM, BarryinIN said:

I didn't know Birchwood Casey made these.  It looks just like the brand that's been around for years (whose name I forget).  Did Birchwood Casey buy them out?

Not sure if there was a buyout.


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