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Hey guys. Most of you know me from over there. 


  Figured I'd introduce myself to those who don't know me. 

I like old military rifles and cowboy type lever actions . Just started buying newer stuff. I've got a Swiss k-31,a tc dimension 7mm rem mag,which I absolutely love,a mossberg lever action 30-30 and the old standby sks Russian made. 

  Sold my old Remington 30-06. I just never shot it. Helped me buy my reloading equipment so I'm not missing it. 

Ditched my 22 rimfire too. Gave it to my boy. Well he doesn't have it yet. He has to complete his hunters safety course first. 

The k-31 is a great gun. If you can find one they are a great shooting gun and the gp-11 ammo is match grade and fantastically cheap. I can't reload for the cost of these rounds. 

   Anyways I'm here. 

Thanks wayne. 

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Hey Clevy!  I've got a K-31 as well. And four cases of GP-11. 


I shouldve bought more...





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