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  1. Welcome - we look forward to hearing about you and your shooting adventures
  2. You've got a very stout piece of machinery there. When I first saw it, it appeared to be for 50BMG.
  3. Is this press new or old? I can't find a manufacturer on Google.
  4. This is a major change in the scope industry. It must be slow sales?
  5. Then you have make-up purchases to do. Post pictures!
  6. So every year, or three years, you'll be buying a CZ on March 1st? :-)
  7. I've never owned a Glock, but have shot them. I just don't like them and much prefer my M&P or XD
  8. I can't wait to hear your opinion, I've thought this would be a great gun.
  9. Browning's website shows two models of the Hi Power still in production: http://www.browning.com/products/firearms/pistols/hi-power-pistols/current-production.html Maybe they decided to let it live for a while?
  10. wwillson

    ruger lcp

    Did you end up buying one? I really like my LCP, but if the trigger is lots better on the LCP II, then I'd go pick one up.
  11. Ruger announced a pistol caliber carbine. https://ruger.com/products/pcCarbine/models.html 9mm, Mag well inserts to accept several different magazines including Glock, threaded barrel, etc. I've been interested in one and this looks like it might be a fun gun.
  12. Maybe a better way to track orders would be nice. Hopefully he can get you barrel to you soon.
  13. Looks like a stout press for a good price. I like that it comes with a stand that gets it above the level of the bench. Nice also that it doesn't have a quick change collet, makes precision work more precise.
  14. Any idea when we'll be able to buy brass for the 22 Nosler?
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