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  1. hittman

    Gun buy back programs

  2. hittman

    RR lar-8

    thanks i will take all into considraiton
  3. hittman

    RR lar-8

    i would say a little of all, but my eyes don't work well with iron sights like they use to.
  4. hittman

    RR lar-8

    Hay all i am looking to put good glass on a Rock River lar-8 in .308 with out braking the bank any ideas?
  5. hittman


    yes i am and ROing a stage, blackhawk is my home club
  6. hittman


  7. hittman

    .44 Cast Bullet Variety

    very cool, i will bet the 320 makes a thump
  8. hittman

    New CR Speed SS rig

    Ready for nationals I hope!
  9. hittman

    Double Barrel 1911 - Arsenal Firearms

    Guess I would have to ask WHY? lol
  10. hittman

    John Browning's Birthday

    My cake is going to look like the 1911! LOL no really
  11. hittman

    Happy Birthday Wayne

    happy b-day onion head lol
  12. hittman

    Best 1911 Magazines

    i have had the best luck with springfield and kimber
  13. Thank you all. I hope to do good . but i will have a blast and hope to have pic up after the match
  14. hittman

    Merry Christmas!

    back at u brother
  15. hittman

    204 brass

    i have 125 pcs will trade for 45 acp ,223,308, or sell pm if interested