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  1. I guess that's the end of all those M1 Garands that were supposed to be imported... BarryIN was right!
  2. Have you ever had a part break or wear out on a military rifle? I haven't. They are built for battle! I say buy it. Wish I could....
  3. I wish I could view the link but it's blocked here at work. I assume it's the MAS.223 that Century imported back in the day. I've wanted one of these for many years but could never come up with the $15,000 to buy one (that's what the last one on GB went for). I'm sure that the reserve is well over $10,000 on that rifle. They are very rare, with only a couple hundred or less imported. If you want to see the insides... do a search for Buddy Hinton collection or Buddy Hinton Famas pictures. He's got the largest single collection of Famas photos, including the MAS .223 Edit: Looks like I was incorrect about the last MAS .223 sale price. I guess there was another more recent one that reportedly sold for over $25,000. Ouch.
  4. I'll probably buy an AUG of some sort one of these days. The gun was really ahead of it's time and is still used by militaries and police forces around the World. I really like the easy swap barrels and would have to buy one of the longer heavy barrels with the bipod. Not really because I need it, but it's just a really cool feature in the design of this rifle. Thanks for sharing detailed photos of the internals!! Great stuff.
  5. That's pretty cool. Very surprised by the plastic hammer! I think that's a first for me and I've seen lots of strange firearms. Do you know if the select fire version or the preban Steyr AUG use a plastic fire control group?
  6. Yeah, "duffle cuts" are fairly common on bringback rifles. The stocks were often cut down to fit in duffle bags, etc. Fortunately the K98 above was shipped back in a crate without any cuts. Here's a K43 bring back with a well done duffle cut and subsequent repair. (Bottom one has the duffle cut stock)
  7. Here's the letter from the Veteran. The P38 (listed as German 'revolver') in the letter is still being used by the family, today, to kill livestock on their farm!!
  8. This is a German K98 Mauser that was picked up from under a dead German soldier by one of the members of the 506th Squadran 404th Fighter Bomber Group in Normandy France near Omaha Beach in 1944. The interesting (and disturbing!) thing about this rifle is that it, along with a bayonet, leather ammo pouch, and a P38, was buried in the ground prior to shipping back to the US to try to get rid of the stench of decaying human flesh. The leather ammo pouch still smells foul even after all of these years.
  9. Does it have a free floating firing pin? If so, stick with the military spec ammo or you might have more scars.
  10. Nice! I was fondling one of those (same color) last week. It was lighter weight than I expected. Looking forward to a range report...
  11. I hope the employee discount is more than the dealer discount! I have a dealer account with Midway and the discounts are fairly small.
  12. That would be much appreciated! I'm a newbie when it comes to the details of parts on Garands and Carbines. In fact, that's one of the reasons I did not purchase one sooner as I don't know what to look for and I know that small details can make a big difference in price. When I went to the CMP Store, I wasn't planning on purchasing a rifle and had just "stopped in" with my son to look around one Saturday. Surrounded by so many fine looking rifles, I just had to take one home! How could I resist for only $625! It's really a bargain price for machine like this with nicely milled parts and deep, dark walnut furniture. It just feels 'right' in your hands, too.
  13. Service grade HRA (1955?), muzzle gauge 1, throat 2. Pristine crown. Mix of USGI parts but mostly HRA. I've had it out to the range once and fired 5 clips through it to get it sighted in. Shoots great! I should have bought one of these rifles a long time ago. Very pleasant to shoot and accurate at 100 yds (longest distance I have easy access to). I appreciate all of the tiny milled parts that make up the ammo following mechanism. Very complicated compared to the M1A. Progress. Here's some pics...
  14. Well, I got tired of waiting for these to hit the market so I made a trip to the local CMP Store...
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